Our Goals

Having the women of the Ummah support the steadfastness of Palestinian and Maqdisi women and providing them with the necessary requirements for steadfastness.

Mobilizing and unifying the efforts of global institutions in solidarity with Palestinian rights as well as networking and partnering with them in order to support Palestinian rights.

Symbolizing effective female figures in serving and supporting the Palestinian cause.

Creating a model for an effective Women’s Coalition meant to be emulated at the state and country levels.

Training effective and influential women, and providing them with the necessary experience and skills so that they are prepared to work for Palestinian wherever they are.

Maintaining communication and coordination between members of the Global Women’s Coalition for Quds and Palestine and their counterparts residing in Palestine.

Providing the necessary assistance and support, especially to newly established women and children’s institutions that work to support Palestinian women and children.

Supporting media work for Palestinian women, strengthening the communication network and exchanging experiences and information between members of the coalition and sister institutions.