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A delegation from the Global Women’s Coalition for Quds and Palestine Visits Insan Ve Medeniyet Hareketi in Istanbul

On Wednesday, June 4, 2024, a delegation from the Global Women's Coalition for Quds and Palestine visited Insan Ve Medeniyet Hareketi at its headquarters in Istanbul.

The delegation was received by Professor Zehra Tunç, Secretary-General of Insan Ve Medeniyet Hareketi.

The aim of this visit was to thank Insan Ve Medeniyet Hareketi for its participation and active role in the success of the Flood of the Free Conference, which was held last month.

During the visit, the most prominent projects and activities of the GWCQP were discussed in order to open the door to cooperation between the two parties.

In a related context, Ms. Zehra Tunç stressed the continuity of providing support and all means of solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

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